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What to Expect

First Baptist Church is currently offering two (2) Sunday morning worship services at 9AM and 10:30AM. Child care is being offered during our services. However, we understand that current COVID-19 precautions may worry some with the safety of your child and our volunteers, so please know Infants, toddlers, and children are always welcome in our worship services.

Sunday services typically last an hour and consist of a time of song and praise, offertory collection (dropbox available at this time), and a practical message from Scripture.

If you are concerned with what to wear, dress comfortably. Some dress up, but most wear casual and comfortable clothes on Sunday mornings.

For those with hearing loss or deafness, hearing aid devices and sign language are available for listeners to follow along.

If you find yourself lost, we have hospitable ushers available in the Sanctuary lobby, maps to help point you in the right direction and just plain good people willing to help a visitor, so ask.

Frequently Asked Questions

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