Our mission, here at First Baptist Church, is to equip and mobilize believers to effectively make disciples locally and ultimately globally. At First Baptist Church, we believe that Sunday school groups provide the best avenue to make disciples, so we seek to connect every attender to a Sunday school ministry.  We also offer other opportunities for believers to connect throughout the week.


The Preschool ministry is for all children from newborns up through age 5 and is available during all worship gatherings. It is our desire to come alongside parents in nurturing the faith of their children. Our responsibility is to model and teach Biblical truth in an attitude of frequent prayer, spiritual atmosphere, Biblical and God-centered storytelling and worship.
First Baptist Church recognizes that preschoolers need to grow spiritually, mentally, emotionally, physically and socially. We facilitate this by providing a biblically-based, age-appropriate, pre-academic education ministry for each child.

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We want to raise up a generation of kids who become passionate about Jesus and the Word, become fully devoted followers of Him, and carry on the discipleship process as teens and adults spreading a passion for the supremacy of Christ to all the nations. We believe the most important spiritual leaders in a child’s life are the parents, and as parents model a lifestyle of worship and Bible study, kids will see how important making disciples really is.
The Children's Ministry at First Baptist Chruch exists to awaken a passion in children for the glory of God by leading them to make disciples of all nations through Sharing the Word, Showing the Word, Teaching the Word, and Serving the World. We intentionally train children in the faith, giving them a firm foundation, and focus on teaching God’s Word in such a way that they will accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

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The Student Ministry at First Baptist Church exists to help students glorify Christ by making disciples of all nations. Through Worship, Small Groups, and Missions we encourage students to grow in their relationship with God and to trust His plan for their future.

Sunday Mornings
Small groups for students meet weekly in the Youth Department for the purpose of life application, community building, and accountability... in other words, discipleship! Students are usually of the same grade and meet together

with an adult leader. They study the Bible, hold each other accountable, serve together, and even hang out at other times in the week.

Wednesday Nights
Wednesday nights in the Student Ministry are awesome! We all gather together in the Student Worship Center (SWC) for "Refuge". We'll have fun, sing, pray, hear some teaching and study the Bible together. Make sure you're there.

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First Baptist Church's Young Adult Ministry exists to lead young adults to "glorify Christ by making disciples of all nations". Our desire is to see the Gospel of Jesus Christ reign supreme throughout the lives of young people in Greeneville and around the world.
We long to see college students, single careered individuals, and young families impacting their local environment and the nations with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe the most effective means to accomplish this is to lead them to a small group where they can begin showing and teaching the Word to one another while sharing the Word and serving the world together.


It's our goal that every adult who attends our worship services would become an active part of a Sunday School where they can join us in making disciples of all nations. All of our Sunday Schools are built around studying God's Word together and are focused on 'Sharing the Word', 'Showing the Word', 'Teaching the Word', and 'Serving the World' both locally and globally. We would love to partner with you to find the best group for you to effectively grow as a disciple of Christ and to make disciples of all nations.


The Young at Heart Ministry at First Baptist Church is vital, vibrant, and energized!  Through Sunday School classes, mission opportunities, social events, and serving those around us, our 60+ age group finds community, support, and encouragement.  If this is your season of life, we would love to have you join us!

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The Deaf Ministry is an outreach to the deaf community. Our desire is to reach the deaf with the Good News of Jesus Christ so their lives are transformed by the power of God through the Word of God. We also desire to see deaf believers become mature in their Christian walk and find the will of God for their lives.
We provide interpretation of our weekly services in American Sign Language (ASL) for adults, teenagers, and children.

    •    Deaf Sunday School at 9:15 a.m. in room 111
    •    Interpreted service at 10:30 a.m.
    •    Deaf Bible Study Wednesday at 6:00 p.m. in room 111